When I heard that people made a living narrating audiobooks, it seemed like the coolest thing in the world to me.  Then ten years ago, I got my big break by recording the Bible. Actually, it was not all of the Bible—four books of the Old Testament and  four book of the New Testament. but still…there's nothing like starting small.  Since then I have gone on to record over 200 titles, some award-winning, mostly for, where I have had the pleasure of working with many of the most interesting, talented and intelligent people I have ever the pleasure of meeting.
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R. A. Salvator Series

Victor Bevine's narration is very good- he conveys both the emotions of the characters and the urgency of a battle scene very well, and overall delivers a great listening experience.  
-Brad, Grafton MA
The voice actor was awesome truly brought the story to life. He brought life to the characters and did different accents and was very easy to determine narration of differing characters.  
-Anonymous, Colorado Springs CO
Bevine does a good job of transitioning between the harsh calculating characters like Matron Malice and the more idealistic Drizzt, which is rather impressive.  
-Anonymous, State College PA

The Fall of Hyperion

This is a complex story rich in detail. Victor does such a good job (glad he is the reader on the next 2 books in the series) that he keeps you engaged throughout. Frankly if I read the book I might have missed some of the detail that he brought to life. 
-Thomas, Charlotte NC
The amount of characters in the book is very conducive to having a narrator, and Bevine has very well defined voices for each one. It makes the listening a real treat.
-Gavin Haynes
I was skeptical that the stellar cast of narrators of Hyperion could be equaled by a single actor, albeit Victor Bevine in FoH. Mr. Bevine was phenomenal and I never, at any point in the listening, felt like the work was diminished. 
-Robert, Yamhil, OR

A Nail Through The Heart

I don't know how the publishers found Victor Bevine, but he is perfect for Tim Hallinan's work, and I look forward to hearing him perform other books. His voice is agile, soothing when that's what's called for and exciting when the book wants that. His Asian accents are convincing. I know that Tim lives in Southeast Asia six months of the year; it must be that Mr. Bevine has similar life experience. He could not do these people so well if he hadn't been there, and not simply as a tourist.
-Richard, San Francisco CA

I had never listened to the narrator before, but there is no question that he will now be at the top of my list.
-James DiDonato

He's definitely one of my new favorite narrators!
-Susan, Fairmont WV