When I was a kid, I used to have a really scary recurring nightmare of being chased by a T-Rex...

Desperate to outrun him, I would somehow grow my arms and push my body forward on my knuckles, swinging my legs through like a chimp.  When I first heard about parkour on NPR nine years ago, specifically a description of the classic move known as the “kong vault”, I said to my self, “That’s what I used to dream!”  

When the commentator went on to describe the sport’s philosophy, how kids were getting the metaphor, that by overcoming physical obstacles they could overcome other obstacles in their lives as well, I knew I had to do something with parkour. I had spent more than 15 years working with at-risk youth in NY and LA, and I immediately saw the powerful potential in parkour as a force for changing lives for the better.  Together with my partners, David Thompson, Francis Lyons, and a group of the best and most dedicated parkour athletes in the world, we founded the World Freerunning Parkour Federation (WFPF), the first and most widely-known global parkour organization. Today, I am honored to be considered one of the leading advocates for parkour internationally, and to name among my friends so many outstanding young people from around the world who never fail to give me hope for the future.  

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